Does Money Buy Happiness?

It has been a long time since my last blog post; much has changed since! I will keep this one short, whilst I find my feet with writing again.

Over the past few months, I have left a job I absolutely hated, and yet had endured for many years. I have since been fortunate enough to start a job in a totally different field, and I absolutely adore it. I mean literally-I look forward to going to work everyday! It is rewarding, it fills me with joy, and every day is different. It is a breath of fresh air after years in a heavily corporate position which was slowly destroying my soul.

But here is the catch…this new job of mine pays just over half of my old salary.

The more people I speak to, the more aware I feel that so many are in a similar position. Those who earn the highest salaries seem riddled with anxiety, stress and have no time to enjoy their lives outside of work. Those who love their jobs and get that work/life balance, often seem to need to sacrifice a salary that allows them to have disposable income. Or, in some cases, even sacrifice having enough income to simply make ends meet.

I find myself increasingly more aware that whilst my mental health and wellbeing was so much worse in my previous job, the salary it provided me with did mean that I never needed to worry about my finances, or having enough money to afford the lifestyle and experiences I desired.

So my question to you is this-

Does money truly buy happiness?

Or rather-

Can we ever be truly happy without money?

I look forward to hearing your views!



2 thoughts on “Does Money Buy Happiness?

  1. No, money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Look no further than Robin Wittiams, Chris Cornell, or Anthony Bourdaine. Yes, money is handy, and allows for material benefit. But, it does not mean happiness is assured. If it does, that’s one shallow individual.


  2. I think mental health is negatively impacted when there’s not enough money to meet basic needs like food and shelter. I also think mental health can be positively impacted by money if it allows someone to engage in something they’re passionate about, like travelling, although of course that’s not really relevant if someone’s not well enough to be able to feel passionate about anything.


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