“Today is going to be the best day of my life”

Recently, I have been feeling a little lost, and quite low. I have found myself dwelling on small things, and carrying things heavily on my heart.

I want to keep this post short and sweet today, as I have been struggling to find my words. I just want to share a quote I came across recently in a movie, which I have thought about a lot, and hope to take forward with me in my life. I hope it may give you a boost too…


“No matter what happened, or what anyone has said, always remember…You are the luckiest person in the world, and today is the best day of your life.”


I really love this sentiment. Imagine if we all had this mind set? If we walked through life with our heads held high, and no matter how much others tried to bring us down, a loud voice in our heads would remind us to maintain this mindset. We would radiate positivity and happiness, and our confidence and self esteem would be sky high.

It must be worth a try…

Until next time.


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