You’ve got a friend in me!

The past few days I have found myself on a bit of a downwards spiral. Things in my life have been quite stressful and hectic, and my sleep is even worse than usual.

The very nature of mental illness means that from time to time, with no warning at all, we will find ourselves falling down again. This is inevitable sometimes, and we should never beat ourselves up over something we cannot control.

I have spoken a lot in previous posts about the importance of taking care of ourselves, being kind to ourselves, and giving ourselves credit for small steps. I have also spoken about taking time to relax and unwind if this is what we need, and not being too hard on ourselves.

Today, I just want to remind everyone, (and myself!) that it is ok to ask others for help too. Sometimes, the love and support of our friends, families and partners can really help us through some very trying times.

I have learned recently how important it is for me to speak to people close to me more openly about my anxiety, and explain to them truthfully how this affects me. I have started encouraging myself to say the words “I am feeling anxious”, to the people that care about me. Since being more open, I have noticed such a change in them and the way they have tried hard to understand and support me in a way that works for me. In helping them to understand what I am going through, I am enabling them to help me when I need them to, and also helping the to know it is ok to give me space when that is what I need.

Of course, sometimes all we want is a non-judgemental ear to listen to us and love us- even when we are a total mess! That is where my beautiful boy Bailey comes in! Even when the days feel grey and cold, he still brings me a sense of purpose, love and happiness.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, dog and outdoor

The truth is, there is always somewhere we can turn for support. Whether it is friends, family, doctors, therapists, loved pets, support helplines, or forums. Never ever feel that you need to suffer alone, or that there is no one to talk to. Never let yourself believe there is no one who will understand or care. There is always someone to listen to you. There is always someone who can help. You are not alone in this big world. You are important. You are loved.

And if any of you are struggling and are unsure who to speak to, or simply want to offload, or speak to someone impartial, then I am here for you. You all have a friend in me!

Sending my love.



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