Do our hearts ever really move on?

Recently, someone reached out to me who walked out of my life many years ago. He reached out to me, and wanted to reconnect. To “catch up”. Do the “friends” thing. I declined his request, although I must admit, I found it surprisingly difficult to do so.

Anyone who reads my blog may have read a piece I wrote a while back called “An open letter to the man who broke my heart”, which was a painful account of my time spent with a man many years ago. Other than my now husband, this man was the only other person I ever loved.

However, hearing from this “Old flame” of mine recently got me thinking. You see, despite the immense pain this man caused me when he broke my heart, I must admit, he has never fully left my thoughts. In a small part of my heart, he has always remained present, along with the memories of the good times we had together, and those little “what ifs”.

So my question is, do we ever truly move on from someone we once loved? Of course, physically we do. We fall in love with someone new, we set up our lives, and time continues to move. But do our hearts ever really let go completely of these people who were once so important to us? Or once we have given someone a piece of our heart, (however long or short a time they had it for) does that little piece of our heart belong to them forever?

I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on this…


9 thoughts on “Do our hearts ever really move on?

  1. I believe that when the love is true, it’s impossible to erase it. Love doesn’t give a damn about our earthly, physical boundaries. It’s only obligation is to the soul, the same soul that is connected to everything that is and ever will be. It’s that deep. We become a part of each other when we love honestly. We don’t really move on, we just continue until we all meet again at the same place.

    And I loved reading this by the way. Brought out all types of feels

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    1. Thank you for reading, so glad you enjoyed it. I really appreciate your lovely words.

      I must admit, I totally agree. I think the connections we form when we love are truly unbreakable, but sadly we often live in a world that only “allows” us to love one person.

      For me, there is a big difference between loving and being “in love with”. There is also a difference between loving and wanting.

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  2. I once had strong feelings for someone at work. Though nothing ever happened between is it took me years to recover after she left. Thought I was doing ok then she returned for a short visit 5 years later and I was lost again the moment she walked into my office. No, we don’t ever really let go.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading my post. Gosh, i feel exactly the same. I honestly believed him to be a distant memory, and yet the second he made contact again after all this time, it was as though it was just yesterday. Sadly i seem to suffer with a rather severe guilt complex and feel so bad for having any degree of feelings for him still. Love is a complicated thing i guess!

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