Hide and Seek

She awoke, empty and lost,

Perhaps she had hidden for too long?

She had spent so many years,

Trying hard to belong.


She had disguised her face,

with glitter and highlight.

Her eyes coated in browns,

and her lips coloured bright.


She wore a gown of confidence,

to conceal all of her fears.

She always laughed the loudest,

and held back floods of tears.


But beneath the bravado,

in her lonely mind, she was dying.

She could no longer recognise herself,

or this shell she was occupying.


Inside she was shy and quiet.

She was damaged and scared.

Inside she was lonely,

a truth she had never shared.


She lived in the city,

but in truth she longed for the sea.

To walk bare-feet across the sand,

and to breathe, and to feel free.



She had worn a hundred dresses.

She had glamorous shoes for every look.

But in truth she wanted nothing in life,

but a sweatshirt, cocoa and a book.


And despite her years of hiding,

she was yearning to be found.

To be truly seen by someone,

And to no longer feel bound.


So although she hides her spirit,

and you cannot hear her heart speaking.

This girl is worth your perseverance,

So please, I beg you, keep on seeking. 











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