As you run your fingers through my long dark hair,

Look into my wide, emerald eyes.

Within them, find a thousand heartbreaks of a lost girl.

Like the forest after the rain, look deeply and observe them,

Tired from the weight she carries on her shoulders.

See them sparkling back at you, from a hundred years of held back tears.

In them, see an intense vulnerability,

Kept guarded by the thick black eyelashes glued to my skin.

As you stroke my face, stroke away each layer of my mask.

A mask that has been intricately created, piece by piece, 

To disguise the fear that radiates from my pale, bare face.

Stroke gently.

For my mask has been attached tightly,

Suffocating the delicate skin that is buried beneath.

And as that pleading look shoots across my face,

Begging you not to do this,

Soothe my nerves with your warm lips.

Kiss away the smile smeared across my face,

And taste the longing of a girl desperate for the courage to bare her soul.

As you skillfully unbutton me,

And run your fingernails down my back,

Move slowly.

You see, beneath my armour,

I am just a million broken pieces loosely sewn together,

And with just one wrong touch, I could fall completely apart. 

Be gentle as you remove my dress,

Slide it delicately down the curves of my timid body;

Carefully feel my breasts, my hips, my thighs.

And as your hands move,

Feel the scars of my past that cling to my skin,

Like lightning burns, still scorching from the storm that was once my life. 

As I recoil, terrified you may see too much, come closer. 

Hold me towards you,

And feel my anxious heart race against your chest.

Breathe with me,

And listen as my fears and doubts are slowly exhaled,

Through my nervous, and quivering lips.

Listen to my scattered, panicked thoughts,

as they race through me at the speed of light,

and then gradually begin to quieten themselves.

Watch me as I await your rejection.

Watch as I stand there, ashamed and expectant of your repellence. 

Look at me, and really see me. 

See all of me.

Take me in, mind, body, and spirit…

Only now have you seen me naked.

And only you, have seen me naked. 


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